Net Financial Debt

Bayer publishes its amount of net financial debt on a regular basis. This shows the Group’s net financing requirements and is calculated from gross financial obligations less liquid assets and receivables from financial derivatives:

Net Financial Debt1Dec. 31, 2015Dec. 31, 2016
€ million€ million
Bonds and notes / promissory notes15,54715,991
 of which hybrid bonds24,5254,529
Liabilities to banks2,7791,837
Liabilities under finance leases474436
Liabilities from derivatives3753587
Other financial liabilities369730
Receivables from derivatives3(350)(313)
Financial liabilities19,57219,268
Cash and cash equivalents(1,859)(1,899)
Current financial assets4(264)(5,591)
Net financial debt (including hybrid bonds)17,44911,778

1 Net financial debt is not defined in the International Financial Reporting Standards and is calculated as shown in this table.
2 Classified as debt according to IFRS
3 These include the market values of interest-rate and currency hedges of recorded transactions.

4 These include short-term loans and receivables with maturities between 3 and 12 months outstanding from banks and other companies as well as available-for-sale financial assets that were recorded as current on initial recognition.



Development of Net Financial Debt in 2016


Long-term Development of Net Financial Debt

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