Investor News 2000

December 19, 2000
Bayer and Lyondell to build production facility in Rotterdam
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December 08, 2000
Bayer not working on takeover defense
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December 06, 2000
Bayer set to become world's leading manufacturer of polycarbonate with Makrolon
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November 17, 2000
Bayer Signs Hemophilia Gene Therapy Deal with Avigen
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November 16, 2000
A very successful first three quarters
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November 10, 2000
Third Quarter 2000 Consensus Estimate

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November 08, 2000
Alka-Selzter Plus Liqui-Gels and Alka-Seltzer Antacids are PPA-free

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November 06, 2000
New Drug Application Filed for Intravenous Formulation of the Antibiotic Moxifloxacin in Treating Community-Acquired Respiratory Tract Infections

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October 25, 2000
Bayer makes its capital instruments more flexible
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October 24, 2000
Bayer: Acquisition of Sybron Chemicals successfully completed
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October 24, 2000
Millennium and Bayer industrializing drug discovery process through ongoing successful research alliance
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October 17, 2000
Bayer acquires new fungicide from Novartis
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October 16, 2000
H.C. Starck acquires U.S. group CSM
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October 16, 2000
LION bioscience and Bayer Pioneer Linkage Between Chemistry & Genomics To Speed Life Science Discovery Research
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October 11, 2000
Bayer and DuPont to build new PBT polymer plant
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September 14, 2000
Bayer Supervisory Board extends CEO's contract
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September 05, 2000
Bayer to acquire paper chemicals business of Cytec Industries Inc.
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September 04, 2000
Bayer acquires antibiotic in France from Aventis and Yamanouchi
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August 30, 2000
Bayer to Acquire Sybron Chemicals Inc.,U.S. Producer of Polymers and Specialty Chemicals
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August 30, 2000
Calcium Channel Blockers Reduce Cardiovascular Risk in Hypertension, a WHO / ISH Analysis Says
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August 16, 2000
Development of a Recombinant Aerosol Formulation for AAT Deficiency
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August 11, 2000
Bayer sells Solar subsidiary to SolarWorld

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August 08, 2000
1st Half 2000 Consensus Estimate
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August 07, 2000
KOGENATE Bayer approved by the European Commission
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July 18, 2000
Bayer awards worldwide license rights for moxifloxacin for the treatment of eye and ear infections
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June 28, 2000
FDA Approves Bayer's Next Generation Formulation of Recombinant Factor VIII (rFVIII) for Hemophilia A
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June 26, 2000
New marketplace for logistics services
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June 14, 2000
Bayer divests U.S. livestock vaccines business unit
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June 02, 2000
Calcium antagonists save lives in hypertensive patients with additional risk factors: ADALAT INSIGHT trial results

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May 26, 2000
Bayer plans to sell Erdölchemie shareholding to Deutsche BP
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