Private Investors

You are a private shareholder and interested in an investment in Bayer shares? Here you find our information offer tailored to private investors, including information on the company and our shares, latest financial reports and key figures, news and events, corporate governance and services for investors.

How to invest in Bayer shares or Bayer ADRs?

How to invest in Bayer shares?
The capital stock of Bayer AG is traded as no-par registered shares on electonic trading platformas like Xetra® as well as at several stock exchanges. You can buy Bayer ordinary shares through any supplier of brokerage services, usually banks. To do so, you need a custody account in which your shares are administered. It is not possible to acquire the shares directly through Bayer.

How to buy Bayer ADRs?
In the United States, Bayer stock has been traded under a OTC Level l ADR Program since September 27, 2007. The ticker symbol is BAYRY. Trading information is obtainable from the Pinksheets OTC website.
Bayer ADRs are issued by The Bank of New York Mellon, acting as depositary.

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