Overview Stock Programs

Commercial success and value creation depend on the dedication and commitment of employees in all functions and at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. Stock programs are designed to motivate employees and enhance their personal performance by allowing them to benefit directly from the company’s success.

Eligibility for the different programs varies with an employee’s position in the company, since people at higher levels of management are considered to have a greater direct influence on the company’s economic performance and thus on the performance of Bayer stock. Therefore, Bayer offers the globally uniform stock program Aspire for members of the Board of Management, for other Group Executives (members of the “Group Leadership Circles”) and for other senior managers. Additionally Bayer offers a Stock Participation Program for other groups of employees.

  • Aspire 2.0 offers the opportunity to receive cash awards which depend on the share price development of the Bayer share over a period of four years. The award is determined through the share price development as well as dividends paid during the respective performance period. In order to participate in the plan, members of the Group Leadership Circle must hold a defined number of Bayer shares (Share Ownership Guidelines).
  • Within the Stock Participation Program, employees can purchase Bayer shares at attractive discounts.


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